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Join All The Safelists/Mailers Below that you are not a member of!

Note: If you are already a member of some of the programs below, skip them, but make sure you joined all of them.

Use the same username for all the programs when possible to make this easier to recall your login info and to brand yourself. Just like traffic exchanges, write down your username, ID and affiliate URL for each program in a Word document or spreadsheet for future reference. (Clicking a link will open in a new window so you don't lose focus of this list)

Join the Safelists/Mailers listed below:

ViralMailProfits: If you're not using Safelists yet, you're missing a great opportunity to build your list and/or to get more referrals to the programs you are promoting. And if you are using Safelists, you need this tool to organize your Safelist activities. Because each safelist has a different delay between sending times, ViralMailProfits will help you see at a glance where you can send a broadcast each day, and you will only have to cut and paste your email in the safelist to send. You can even set up other types of programs that allow you to send emails to your downline! ViralMailProfits is also a very effective mailer in itself!

List Bonus


Important Lessons To Learn Early On...
List Building, Browsers and Passwords

How To Build Not JUST A List, But A CASH List Of Subscribers
Willing To Follow You In Any Program You Promote

  There's a good reason why 98% of the people who want to build an income online fail. It's mainly because people go into this business with the wrong mind-set.

 There's a trend out there which claims that making money online is a piece of cake, that becoming a successful Internet Marketer allows you to "fire" your boss, leave your job and spend more time with your family, travel more, afford more and have a better life quality in general.

 It's true. Being a successful internet marketer does help you do that.
 What they don't tell you is the cold, hard truth that making money online depends on your ability to sell stuff. So basically people jump right into Internet Marketing unprepared and when they face the unexpected reality, they give up.  
 Let me tell you something: succeeding as an Internet Marketer is not impossible. But you need to be aware that it depends a lot on using the right tools and applying the correct strategy. 

 You see, list building and online money making go "hand-in-hand", so to speak. Pretty much like love and marriage ;) So if you learn how to effectively build a strong list, then your success is practically guaranteed. 

 Since I've always hated long, boring reports, I kept this one short and to the point, yet extremely effective and what it contains:-) A clear definition of a subscribers list and the main reasons why a list is so vital to your online success. The only 2 tools you'll ever need in order to build a list from which you will profit over and over again. An easy way to send a promotional email even if you don't have a list.  All of the above make this report a MUST READ!!! 

 And of course, not to forget that by simply joining this site you get an exact copy of it and a chance to earn up to $5 from every person who decides to read the free report it contains. More details about this inside the members' area. ;-) 

Download the two pieces of software in this step below by clicking the links and saving them at a location on your hard drive you can find them after, for example on your desktop. You will need these tools with my system.

I'm sure you already know that successful internet marketers focus on building their own targeted lists of interested prospects. That's why they aren't worried about spamming and they seem to always be able to make money online.

The single most valuable tool you want to start using is what is know as an autoresponder. Autoresponders are being used by top internet marketers around the world to boost their sales on daily basis.

I want to invite you to visit my site so you can see what it is and (more importantly) how you can use it to build, manage, and profit from your own lists like the top internet marketers around the world are doing every single day.

Take a moment to review the details at my site: http://www.trafficwave.net/members/specialty

I'll even show you how to get your account absolutely FREE for the first 30 days!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Also, join the other important programs listed on this page concerning list building: The Money Is In Your Personal List!

1) TrafficBrowser and TEBrowser: These Browsers are Created Especially for Traffic Exchanges. Join, Download and Install.

Click Here to Download TrafficBrowser
Click Here to Download TEBrowser

2) Firefox: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox Download and Install.

Ok, now let me add that it may take you a few days to join them all and that's normal and that's where I'll see if you really want to succeed online. Also use the same username for all the programs when possible to make this easier to recall your login info. Write down your username, ID and affiliate URL for each TE in a Word document or spreadsheet for future reference.

For your passwords, you can use the following tip:

Choose a 4-letter word and two digits, for example: 2back9

Then add the first two letters of the program you are joining at the beginning and the last two letters at the end.

For example, if you are joining Sweeva, your password would be: sw2back9va

It can also be the first and third letter at both ends, in which case your password would be se2back9ea.

This way, your password will be easy to remember for you, but hard to guess for someone else. You can modify this tip as you like to fit your needs. Don't choose a long word, because you are often limited in the number of characters your password can have. You can also choose random letters instead of a word to make it even harder to guess.

Or, even better, you can download RoboForm. RoboForm is a software that will let you create high-security passwords on the fly for the programs you are joining. It will also let you save your passwords (in encrypted format) to facilitate the process of login in later on. This will prove VERY useful when you are a member of many programs. Download RoboForm Here.

(Clicking a link will open in a new window so you don't lose focus of this list)

Join the traffic exchanges listed below:

New! TrafficBrowser (This great browser will speed up your surfing and build your downlines!)



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International Traffic Network
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System Includes Dashboard -|- Personal Profile -|- Stats -|- Leads -|- Capture Pages -|- Autoresponders -|- Send Broadcast -|- Change Password -|- Links & Banners


System Includes Dashboard -|- Personal Profile -|- Stats -|- Leads -|- Capture Pages -|- Autoresponders -|- Send Broadcast -|- Links & Banners 



My Top Ten FREE Membership Sites

Here Is The Bottom Line

I will give you my full blown proprietary software program that will get you unlimited amounts of real traffic to any web sites you want.

You will not have to pay one dime, you will not have to do anything that is not, very easy, very fun and very fast - and you will get unlimited traffic from now on no matter what web sites you ever want to market and make money with.

You do not have to pay one dime now, or one dime later and this will be the most effective traffic generator you have ever dreamed of.

I am giving away a few copies of these proprietary membership sites, built on a replicated software platform and installed on huge servers, and there is no cost to you...

What Is The Catch?

I want you to make lot's of money so that I can show you some of my other programs that you might want to buy. We both win. But hurry, I am only giving away so many of these replicated traffic systems.

So? Do you want Money? And Traffic? Do you want it free starting right now? Then as quickly as you can before I stop allowing new people access for free, join the programs below this welcome letter.

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Now, Relax an have some fun because this is money in the bank...

That's some pretty good news isn't it? Well get ready, you'll have more traffic by tonight than you have ever had in your life!

This is going to be a very fast description of the system, what it does, and how to set it up because you can be getting endless traffic in just a few minutes, and never, ever, ever pay a dime to get it.

Real traffic, from real visitors, 7 days a week, forever, to any websites you choose!

A brief description of how the system works...

There is a service on the net called traffic exchanges, and typically you surf a bunch of websites in the group associated with that particular traffic exchange and they show yours as you earn credits by surfing.

So everyone in their community views other people's websites when they surf, mostly trying to earn credits to show you their sites!

In typical amounts this traffic value is moderate at best , but when combined with solo ads and numbers in the hundreds of thousands of people seeing your websites, you are about to have a list and traffic that dreams are made of!

You never have to pay a dime, but if you want to at any point you can also get credits if you choose to be a paid member instead of a free member and you can get credits when you refer others who join. And many of these services give you a percentage of credits when your referrals earn credits.

Many of these systems also allow you to trade your credits for solo email sends. The solo email sends are more valuable than the credits for surfing and you are getting ready to have both.

The magic of this system, is that we have 10 of the best producing traffic exchanges and solo ad senders on the net and every owner of this system can get massive, endless traffic from each one of them 7 days a week, in numbers that you could never do by yourself without this system doing much of the work on automatic for you.

What you will do to get endless visitors to your website, three easy quick parts...

The first thing you will do is join each of the ten services on our programs quick join page. Then you will enter the referral link you get with each service you join, and enter those referral links back here in this system.

Next you will log into the 10 services you joined, every day or so and will spend a little time either surfing for credits, or you will buy a membership or credits, your choice.

This will start building your bank of credits for solo ads and website shows on each network!

Next you will give your Traffic System referral link to people you are trying to get to join your downline, meaning, this system was created for YOU as a marketing gift, and it includes you not only being able to use it, but you can give it away too so you get massive traffic when those you give it to use it!

I am really all about helping others  build a team. My online business is to help those who I had this system created for and why you are about to
get thousands of new visitors, website visits, solo ads and traffic every week of your life from now on!


You get to build your personal list and have access to your own email blasting system to your list of everyone who ever gets this system from you and you can market anything you want, anytime you want to everyone that ever comes in to your downline!

What will happen when you do the three things listed above?

All of these services will give you credits when you join. They will give you more credits when you refer others, and they will give you credits when you buy a membership or surf or simply buy credits.

You are going to get huge amounts of new visitors and solo emails when you use and when you give this system to your downlines, subscribers, or friends who also want a ton of endless free traffic every day of their lives!

So here is the big wrap up...

You can use everything for free if you wish. You will get more traffic than you have ever gotten in your life when you surf or refer others by giving them this system.

If you choose to buy a membership in these programs, you will instantly create up to 10 new income streams from each of them as others join and some of them want more than the free membership offerings.

Every time you give this system away, and someone joins the programs, you will get credits from them joining and earning credits for themselves.

All as a totally free member yourself. Unless you choose to upgrade in some of them or all of them, and then you'll get more credits and commissions when others also buy, plus you get a much larger send on your solo ads and get to do your email solo sends more often.

But no worries if you want to go all free because this system will get you hundreds of thousands of credits for visitors, page views and email solo ad sends even as a free member!

My advice to you is...

Do the things listed on this page. This works. I make a lot of money online and have a huge list, this system will get you a lot of visitors and build you a huge list.

If you have something that sells when you get all these visitors you will find that you start getting sales!

So surf and log in just about every day and earn credits, give this system to others, use your email blaster to send notices to your new list right from your members area here, and work some just about every day to grow your business.

Earning more money every month than you did the month before is great fun!

So go right now and do this...

Go now and sign up for your replicated system, that builds your list and sets up your personal members area with the list builder, the website, the email blaster and the custom Traffic Generation Software waiting for you to plug your websites of choice in to start getting traffic like crazy!

These Clubs Content Is Written By Top Experts In Their Professional Fields: 'Everyone Needs An Education To Succeed!'




The golden rule in business for any serious entrepreneur is 'Find a need and fill it' - The bigger the need and the faster the profits will pour in - That's why we know this site will explode your income!

Without doubt the biggest problem faced by Millions of website owners around the world today is traffic... Or more importantly lack of it!

Without traffic they're dead in the water but now you can help them.  With Traffic Generation Club you can satisfy this huge demand and teach thousands of business owners how to get what they need the most... more quality traffic to their sites.  

Taking your member's marketing skillset to the next level...

At PowerMarketersClub you'll be sharing many advanced marketing techniques, including how to create profitable sales funnels, successful business Models along with solid information about on testing & tracking and exit strategies - packed full of advance level tips & tricks.

(A natural site to upsell across all your currently live sites)


Do you think a market that generates over 20,000 searches a day is one worth investing in? - We certainly do because Affiliate Marketing is arguably the easiest and fastest way that Millions of people start their online business every year! -  

Now with Affiliate Profits Club you can train your members how to finally win the affiliate game and position yourself as the 'Go To Guy' helping thousands of people get their big break in this exciting business.

At ProductProfitsClub you'll be offering members a head start in digital product development and marketing.

Another hot topic site that will teach your members how to develop info-products and software (includes product research, outsourcing, promotion, pricing strategy and generating publicity) 

The sad fact is that even great web sites and killer products don't sell themselves - To get the best response any marketer worth their salt will confirm the secret to success is a targeted and responsive email list

You know it and you're sharp enough to recognize that a huge subscriber list is the 'holy grail' for hundreds of thousands of small business owners and marketers around the world - Not just online business owners either...  More and more bricks and mortar businesses are recognizing the power of building a list of prospects and clients...

With eMarketers Club you can teach all of them how to build, how to grow and then how to maximize their profits from their lists... As a result you can expect to mop up big profits and build a legion of raving fans!

WealthUpgradeClub will be your mass appeal site and suitable for both online and offline business owners - Give them all the wealth building advice they need including:

Wealth Building Advice - Covering Legal (Asset Protection-Formations) / Taxation / Investments Through to Product Licensing, royalty payments and other long term income strategies for successful people.


Just a quick check with Google reveals that Millions of web searches are made every month for what is arguably the hottest topic of all time - 'How To Make Money Online'  

With Web Profits Club you can do just that and in the process capture an endless stream of buyers who'll likely become devoted fans for life!

If your goal is to help people succeed and to develop long term relationships with your customers then helping them find safe passage through these shark infested waters should be a number one priority.

At MembershipMarketersClub you'll be sharing everything your members need to know about market research, set up and choosing the right software all the way through to pricing strategy, membership models and retaining members.

Sales Copywriting and Ad Creation for the masses

Your members will love the information in PowerCopyClub because everything they learn will boost their sales and income.

Everything's covered from crafting short copy, long copy and how to do video sales letters the right way.

Includes modules on creating short copy, long copy and how to do video sales letters the right way.

At Success Upgrade you'll be sharing everything your members need to know about market research, set up and choosing the right software all the way through to pricing strategy, membership models and retaining members.


The Secret

To many people are constantly searching for the "Holy Grail" of Internet advertising. Instead of just getting out there and doing something every single day, they sit back and wait till they find the "Secret" to Internet marketing.

Sure, there are great techniques you could be using. There are products out there which will teach you how to market better online. You should always be learning. The moment you stop learning, you start stagnating.

You will find that many of the techniques that the top experts teach you may actually disagree with one another. This is because there is only one true judge of what works in the online marketplace...testing and results. Without testing everything you put to use, you will never know what is or can work for you.

There is one "Secret" of Internet marketing every single successful Internet marketer will agree upon.

If you sit back and do nothing, you will get nothing!

Successful Internet entrepreneurs are doing something. If you sit back on the sidelines and just watch what's going on, you will never win the game.

Start doing something... even if it doesn't work!

You have to "practice" Internet marketing.

Place a classified ad in an ezine. If it doesn't work out the way you wanted, place a different ad in another ezine. If it does work, then keep running and add on more ezines to your advertising campaign.

If you want to write better ads for your products, then find some of the best sales letters and start copying them by hand. Then, practice your own letters.

Something that almost no one ever seems to mention in regards to business is that some of the most successful companies expect that only one out of every seven products they create will be a success worth continuing.

Claude Hopkins, considered by many to be one of the greatest marketing minds ever, recorded this in "Scientific Advertising:"

"There are many surprises in advertising. A project you will laugh at may make a great success. A project you are sure of may fall down. All because tastes differ so. None of us know enough peoples desires to get an average viewpoint."

If you are smart and stay in contact with the right people, you will learn something from it. Your next web site may be the success you are looking for.

The reason you may not be making money right now could be that you are targeting the wrong market. If you can't explain to me in one paragraph exactly who your targeted market is, then you aren't ready for success on your site.

Test some different advertising methods. Test some different ads. Only testing can tell you what will or will not work online or offline.

The key is to keep your testing small so that it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg. Test one or two ezine ads. Purchase a 10,000 banner ad campaign. Set up a small budget of say $50 - $100 every month just for testing (more experienced marketers have a much higher budget for testing).

Never spend any money on advertising where it will put you out of business. It should be as small and risk-free as possible at all times.

If you can't afford to spend or lose any money in advertising, then start trying free traffic techniques. There are dozens of them that you can use as well. In this area, never spend more time on any advertising technique than you can afford to lose.

Time is money and as you become more and more successful in this business, it is the time that you run out of first.

The Secret to Internet marketing is to "Do Something." Even if it doesn't work out quite as well as you plan, keep doing it or add in other elements and aspects to your business.

The second Internet marketing secret is much like the first one. It is "Don't give up!"


There are three simple steps to creating a viral explosion in your referral group.

Learn the marketing strategy below

Teach it to all your referrals

Teach them to teach it to their referrals

 It’s that simple!

The Basics: Become An Expert – Develop A Residual Income And You Are Qualified

The minimum qualification to become an expert is to be and a successful residual income earner, and personally refer at least 2 to 5 members into three or more qualified programs. That’s it! Once you get there, you qualify to earn referral rewards on all the people you personally refer, plus a matching bonus in many programs on all the referral rewards paid through numerous generations of income, Being a qualified marketing expert in all of your referral lines just became a whole lot easier. Since all the “dead weight” no longer has a reason to fail.  No one is compressed out of your pay lines in the following programs.  The ONLY Affiliates that occupy a level are the ones that are actually active members. The Only requirement they had to meet is join and become a 'Loyal Customer Or Affiliate'. That eliminates 100% of all breakage in the compensation plans, which most companies keep as extra profit! I don’t know of any other plans that has these features.

Growth: The first steps you need to take to go viral

Simply refer 20 active Abundant Profit Club Traffic users, and help at least 5 of them to become expert promotional affiliates (refer at least 5 active users), then you become their promoter and mentor! That earns you a lot of commissions on your entire organization, then go back to work until the next affiliate reaches the next promotional level. You then get promoted once you have referred the least amount of personal actives in an organization, and you can stop when the least number of them push you through to the next ranked level… and so on… and so on… until you reach expert status! Each promotion comes with an additional bonus, plus participation in a bonus pools reserved only for those at your achievement level. If the company does not require your referrals to push you through the ranking then do it any way... it will add to your bottom line.

Viral Explosion: Take it to the next level, and reap the rewards

I hope you can see how powerful this really is, especially because the programs require no referring in order to earn! The key is for you to find at least 5 leaders that are truly motivated, and get them to stay on top of their referrals until their referral group is built through at least 2 full levels, and then get them to train their top 5 leaders to do the same. You can’t do everything yourself, so you must duplicate yourself to be successful! No one should ever have to work directly with more than 5 to 8 Affiliates personally (3 to 5 personal referrals, plus 3 active Affiliate leaders on your first 2 levels). At that point, the duplication should happen automatically in most organizations, because others are doing the same thing that you trained them to do. The power is in the numbers. Find your 5 leaders, and help them build out their first 2 levels so they be promoted. Then you will be promoted, and all you have to do is focus on those 5, and help them to train their top 5 leaders to build out their first 2 levels. If you can duplicate this process 5 times in each of your pay lines, then you will be earning on a fully compensated organization! We cannot actually know exactly how much the pay level would be since we are dealing with different organizations. Our estimates show the minimum payout at this level would exceed $40,000+ per month. At that point, you would have a combined total of over 3500 affiliates in your pay lines! This is very achievable with a combinations of the programs. All people have to do is change their habits and use the free traffic and marketing resources. How easy can it get?

My mission is to challenge the largest MLM companies in the world today with the 'Loyalty Rewards' pay plan that I believe God inspired! Its our turn to claim your piece of that pie.

Everyone who succeeds has in one way or another employed the following principles into their career:

Create A Vision - we all need to know where we want to go and 'WHY'.  We also need to know 'WHO' we are.

Develop Your Personal Desires - 'Goals' can be blocked.  Write down your desires, sign it and commit daily.

Take Control of Your Internal Cheerleader - You are worth your 'dreams'.  God does not make junk.  You are loved.

Envision Yourself Success - Step-by-step, victory-to-victory!  Envision success. See it, breath it, and start living it.

Treat It Like A Business - Develop a business plan for growth and success.  Have a backup plan and keep learning.

Have Patience - Hard work breeds success. Follow the plan.  Be persistent and don't give up.  Savor small victories.

Find A Mentor - Hopefully I will help you succeed and reveal the shortcuts.  Be willing to share your 'secrets' too.

Don't Go It Alone - We all need friends, someone who will tell us the truth.  We need to be held accountable.

Put Your Clients Needs Above Your Own - We need to answer our clients needs - their problems, challenges, etc.

Market, Market, Market - Traffic is the lifeblood of your business, quality traffic is better than quantity.

Test With Pennies - Market With Dollars - Always test the response rates. Target wisely - measure success.

Build Your Contact Database - Build a list of personal contacts. Develop loyal friends by communicating.

Establish Credibility Before You Sell - Let people get to know you and trust you. Your credibility will sell itself.

Have a Backend to What You Are Selling - It is okay to offer multiple opportunities.  Everyone has differing tastes.

Learn From Your Mistakes - Making mistakes is when I learn the most. Never be afraid to fail. Learn and move on.

Always Tell the Truth - Honesty speaks to your integrity.  Never give in to unethical behavior to earn a quick buck.

Donate 10% of Your Earnings - God Loves A Cheerful Giver And Doing This In Secret Is Reward Enough In Itself!

Success is a matter of making a decision to pay the price and never looking back.

If YOU Are Just Do Something For Fun, Please Get Out Of Business On The Internet!


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