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Is It Possible To Make BIG Money
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The Answer To Both Questions Is: YES!

   It Is Possible With Brian Rooney's TOAN
Program and Our Team TOAN Professionals!

We don't ask our members to deliver traffic. Membership in our Team is 100%
FREE. Thanks to TOAN's Compensation Plan, we use the spillover feature to
have to promote the Team or your personal splash page. It's entirely up to you
if you want to speed up the building process with some personal "push".

All you need to do is to click anywhere on this as and read through the details
of this incredible Program on the splash page that is going to open in a new
tab, then create a paid account using the link from this splash page.

That's all. I'll personally get in touch with you within 24 hours using the email
address from your TOAN registration. I'll send you all the details regarding our
Team including your personal splash page for the promotion of your ref link.

Click Here To Open A Special Page In A New Tab,
Join Our Team And Start Making Money TODAY!


We will send them instructions on setting up with Our Team Build once they are registered with you in TOAN.


Your sponsor visible in the signup form should be David Sherman.

I really look forward to working with all of you on building this Team BIG. It's only the beginning of our long and exciting journey. If you have any questions please contact me at: Lhnsystems@gmail.com or  586-336-4165





Learn How To Generate  A Residual Income Today!

Let Us Show You How Easy It Is to Get Paid FOREVER
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If You Are Serious About Building A HUGE RESIDUAL INCOME, Then I Invite You To Join Us Today!

Our MLM Can Be Fair Team Build is focused on helping YOU build a massive downline in the extremely popular TrafficWave affiliate program. Our members realize the awesome potential for earning generous monthly commissions and bonuses and are eager to help you get started in this exciting team building opportunity. The only requirement is to send 500 hits per week to your personal tracking link.

You are invited to join our network of highly motivated Internet marketers today!

It's time to take control of YOUR future!

Use the following link to join IMMEDIATELY: http://www.trafficwave.net/members/cashinteam 


TrafficWave provides a top rated auto responder and link tracking service at an incredibly low fixed monthly rate of $17.95. You are eligible to receive commissions when you join us as a Paid member in the TrafficWave Affiliate Network.


When you join the Affiliate Network you can earn money simply by referring new customers to TrafficWave. You earn not only from your own efforts but from the efforts of those above and below you. The only requirement is to send 500 hits per week to your personal tracking link.


You can earn money in several ways from the TrafficWave program. A residual income can provide you and your family with the financial security that you've always desired. I invite you to join us today!


Earn generous commissions when your personal referrals upgrade. We will help you get personal referrals.


We provide you with a fully loaded Affiliate Toolbox to help you build your down line.


We provide PERSONAL referrals that boost your benefits and your profits. The only requirement is to send 500 hits per week to your personal tracking link.


Get the essential details about the popular team builds so you can make an informed decision.


Newcomers to Online marketing will learn step-by-step how to use the TrafficWave tools.


When you upgrade your membership, we promote your affiliate links to give you a competitive edge.

You Have to join as Paid members and/or as Affiliates to receive the Free Marketing System.

NOTE:  After you join send Adam Lewis at MLMCanBeFair@gmail.com  Send your Name and username, plus your Sponsors name and username and he will send you further instructions.

Use the following link to join IMMEDIATELY: http://www.trafficwave.net/members/cashinteam 

Use this link to get more information: http://trck.me/407509/



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We Reveal the 100% Secure Strategy of Earning
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 Incredible Done-For-You System To Earn A Monthly Residual Income For Life - Newbie Friendly

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Done-For-You Promotional Materials:

Capture Pages With Follow-up Messages, Landing Page, Banners & Ad Copies.

Done-For-You Traffic Resources:

DFY Solo Ads, Safelist Marketing, TE Marketing, Social Media Traffic, Classified etc.

Personal One-On-One Support:

Easy Getting Started Guide, Private Member’s Area, Team Support and Personal Support.








TrafficWave And/Or AIOP? Your Choice! 

With Team MLM Can Be Fair You Don’t
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We think BIG for YOUR business therefore
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Extra Residual Income!

Millions of people come online every day looking for ways to make extra money. The Team Build Site model has made MILLIONS for it's members over the years. That is why I created the Team Build Site. Just send hits to your team assigned tracking url and you have a Extra Residual Income every month to help you pay bills! Get started today... Make money today!

The Team Build Site was designed with just ONE purpose in mind... To put Multiple $17.95 And $10 Payments Into Your Pockets On A Regular Basis! For years the Team Build model, home based business, has chalked up results that have reached well into the millions of dollars!

However, most Team Build systems were priced way too low in my opinion for any single person to make a full time income! When you are only making $3~$5 dollars on a sale it takes lots of sales to make an income that will really help you!

That is precisely why I decided to build and offer you our Team Build model! It is the FIRST Team Build model to have a price point that can actually change YOUR financial future! And, judging from my years of experience in this industry that is exactly what so many people are looking to do!

The Team Build Site also comes complete with a Referral Builder that ADDS Residual Income On Auto-Pilot! And the best part... THERE ARE NO MONTHLY FEES FOR THE TEAM BUILD SYSTEM!


You Will Love Residual Income Payments!


Simplicity is the hallmark of the Team Build Model. Just show the website to people who are looking to make money from home. The FREE Traffic Exchanges are working wonders and people are joining this great program on a daily basis! We also offer ALL members 10 Online Marketing Courses (Valued At $497) which will teach you How To Market Like The Pros!

Here is the best reason to join the Team Build. The prospect calls the Owner (My Phone Is Right On The Website!) to ask questions. The Owner answers ALL of their questions and they join! And you will pocketed $17.95 and/or $10.00 payments and DID NOT have to speak with ANYONE! And the best part... this can happen several times a day!

NOTE: All MEMBERS Will Get Paid $17.95 Or $10 ONLY When A Person UPGRADES In Either Program Offered!

Well, now it is time to make a decision. The Team Build Site WAS Only $15.00 For A Lifetime Membership! BUT, Now It Is Absolutely FREE To UPGRADED Members Of TrafficWave or All In One Profits, A.I.O.P.. Remember, the Owner closes ALL of your sales for you! You NEVER have to talk with anyone! If you have your own  Warm Market  feel free to bring them into this amazing opportunity!

If you still have some questions before joining please call the number on the website. I want you to have ALL of the answers you need before you make the commitment to join this great opportunity! Be blessed!




Team MLM Can Be Fair
Traffic Wave And A.I.O.P. Builder

The Ultimate Income Opportunity!



The programs discussed in this message are probably the hottest ones in its category right now.

What category you ask?

Traditional, service based network marketing which is the only model that will provide the ongoing monthly residual income stream that everyone would like to establish. As everyone knows, the vast majority of folks who join a traditional network marketing company will fail to generate a residual income stream simply because they are not ready, willing or able to build the downline organization they need to produce the income.


Some Very Exciting News!


2nd Program Selected For Team MLM Can Be Fair IS AIOP At Only $10


From now on in order to join our Team MLM Can Be Fair, people will have to create a paid account in one of these 2 Programs which are TrafficWave.net or/and Allinoneprofits.com.

I'm pretty sure that most people will join both Programs but in order to participate in our Project new people will need to pick at least 1 Program and create a paid account using the link we will provide.

In regards to our current TrafficWave members joining AIOP isn't mandatory. It's an optional way to grow a second residual income stream.

The number of hits we expect our members to deliver weekly is going to stay at 500. It doesn't matter if you'll be a member of TrafficWave, AIOP or both. It'll be always 500 hits/week in total.

 All In One Profits it is ALL you need. ALL the essential, sought after web tools every marketer needs to succeed  online are here and included in your  membership: Basic or Pro, choose what is good for you but take this chance to build your business.


100% Safe , 100% Legit , 100% Commissions

About  The Products

All In One Profits  Provides Real Products

ALL the essential  web tools That every marketer needs to succeed  online
Premium Web hosting,  Pro-Autoresponder,  squeez/Splash page builder,  Url Rotator, Url Tracker,  Unlimited Banner and Text Ads Credits, and the training  to Use all these Tools

And The Amazing Thing is You can get Started for Only $10


Benefits of Joining Aiop Through Our Team
No Cost,  Personal Page to Build Your Lists and Recruit Unlimited Referrals
Pre-Written Follow Up Messages ,Just Upload The Campaign
Plus 6 Direct Referrals Through our Collective Team Efforts
100% Residual Commissions - You keep 100% minus processing fees,

of every Active Referrals in Your Downline
 Whether It's Your Direct Referrals or passed Up by Your Referrals

Please understand this is Not Open To Existing AIOP members. 

If you are already an AIOP member and want to Join Our Team,
you must setup another account via Our Team
Yes you can have multiple AIOP accounts


Please Check AIOP  F.A.Q,

Break Even With Your Very First Referral
Earn $100,$500,$1000,$5000,$10,000 .... As Much as You Want
For More Details Please Enter Your Name and Email Address


Here is the link to join: http://www.allinoneprofits.com/?id=MLMTeam

If you would like to preview TrafficWave click on the link: http://www.trafficwave.net/members/cashinteam

The way our Team is going to build your AIOP business is the following: we are going to provide you with 8 paid members in total. 4 of them will be passed up to your Sponsor, therefore, you'll receive and keep 4 paid members yourself. This way your AIOP business will grow very quickly and we'll be able to move forward very fast as a Team.

Membership fee is set at $10 + $1.50 fee = $11.50 in total.

All the payouts are usually processed within 72 hours. AIOP's terms say that they offer weekly payments however they strive to process all withdrawal requests within 72 hours.

It is possible to have multiple accounts in AIOP so even if you already have the account created with some other Team you can still join AIOP with us. Please find below a piece of information taken directly from their Terms and Conditions:
You start by signing up for monthly payments of $10 each (plus $1.50 fee that compensates for the pay processor charge).

You are practically even with only one active referral, you get all services and products for free!
You always keep all your Odd referrals (number 1,3,5,7,...) and pass up even (number 2,4,6,8...) to your sponsor.
IMPORTANT: From time to time we get the following objection to AIOP Pay Plan:  Why should I give away my referrals, I have to invest time and even money to sign them up? I definitely don't like it! 

AIOP Pay Plan is based on a simple and powerful principle  Give, and it will be given to you , passing up your even referrals is not a drawback, it's a benefit that makes this plan so powerful and profitable! Please continue reading, it will be explained.
The Even referrals (those that stay with you) will pass to you ALL their Even referrals, just like you've passed up yours. Number 2,4,6,8, to infinity and beyond!
They, together with your Even referrals become the members of your front line and will also pass all their Even referrals to you.
It's important to understand that your AIOP front line members, those that are generating $10 per month each for you, are your own Odd referrals, plus Even referrals passed up to you from them, plus Even referrals passed up to you by those passed up to you, and so it goes... to infinity! They all stay with you forever!
SUMMARY: It should be clear now, that there is no other compensation plan , not any kind of matrix, not Unilevel, not Australian 1 or 2, or any other out there, that compares to AIOP Even-Up Pay Plan in immense income generating power.
✔ Yes, Cash In On Banners automatically promotes AIOP for you!  JOIN HERE: http://www.cashinonbanners.com/?r=9948

If you are a member of All In One Profits, all members of your CIOB downline that still are not AIOP members yet will see this page with your AIOP and will be prompted to join as your referrals.

Just building your downline in CIOB will expose your AIOP page and links to more and more prospects.

It's much easier to promote an effective free advertising program like CIOB than a monthly paid one.

Here is the link to join: http://www.allinoneprofits.com/?id=MLMTeam

If you would like to preview TrafficWave click on the link: http://www.trafficwave.net/members/cashinteam


Why is this program different from any other traditional program?

Very simply because everyone can build their downline members by giving away FREE Marketing System valued at more than the $17.95 and/or $11.50 fee respectively. Therefore, everyone can do this! YOU CAN START - NOW!


There are several services available as you will see at the website. Entry is just $17.95 and $11.50 including fees for upgraded members. That's it! No sign-up fees, no kit fees, no website fees, no gotchas... just two purchases a month qualifies you for all levels and bonuses. You can't get this anywhere else this inexpensively.

To be entered into the matrix you must upgrade. Follow these steps to join and be placed in the matrix as quickly as possible...

Set It & Forget It” Instructions Follow… Just advertise daily and go on with your life! And if you DO want to invest more time … 30 minutes or an hour a day, more or less per week … this system will pay you handsomely to build your income even faster!

Ask yourself,  Why would I do this?… Look at a family portrait and that should be all the motivation you will ever need.

NOTE:  You Have to join as Paid members to become team members. We reserve the right to remove anyone that slanders the team or any of its members. We are all in this together; and, together, we will succeed so help us God.

After you join send Adam Lewis at MLMCanBeFair@gmail.com  - your Name and username, plus your Sponsors name and username and he will send you further instructions.
Use this link to get more information: http://trck.me/407509/ 

Let's get started... YOU will never truly be alone once you join our team.


NOTE: Joining Traffic Wave For A 30 Day FREE Trial Will NOT Get YOU Positioned On The MLM Can Be Fair Team, Upgrading Is A Requirement. YOU Have A Choice. You May Join A.I.O.P. Or Traffic Wave Or BOTH as paid members and be placed in the Team Rotator. The MLM Can Be Fair Site Has Useful Splash And Capture Pages That Can Be Tied To Your Traffic Wave Auto-responder.

STEP # 2 The link to join Traffic Wave is below to join as a paid member:


NOTE: If you upgrade in Traffic Wave AND A.I.O.P., your own specialty page will be built with your links. The advantage is that your prospective members can complete all the steps from the specialty site.

STEP # 3 Join All In One Profits And Simply Upgrade Today For Unlimited Advertising

For a full report on A.I.O.P. and/OR more information go to the link below:-)
You WILL want to explore the AIOP Compensation Plan page, please click here.

Or copy and paste the following link: http://allinoneprofits.com/compensation.php?id=MLMTeam

STEP # 4 Substitute Your Username For TW And ID # For A.I.O.P. in this email.

STEP # 5 Send Your Username For TW And ID For A.I.O.P. To Adam Lewis for updates to MLMCanBeFair@gmail.com  You May Also Request Instructions And Marketing Sites From Your Sponsor

NOTE: Please use this subject line: My TW Username And A.I.O.P. IDs Enclosed eMail to MLMCanBeFair@gmail.com   We verify all team members. If you upgrade in Traffic Wave AND/OR A.I.O.P., we will immediately ad you to our rotator.  If you do not upgrade then we will wait until you do.

STEP # 6 We will supply capture pages for use with your links so your referrals sign up directly to your MLMCanBeFair.com , TW and A.I.O.P. down lines. The costs are to be paid by TW and A.I.O.P. requirements. 

STEP # 7 Sponsors may run their own ad co-ops, provide additional marketing materials so keep in touch with them for the latest updates ASAP.

Consider the following.....

It's a given MOST people would like more money but it's a fact that most can not recruit if their life depended on it! What if everyone could be at 1,000s a month in the next 90 days with no chasing friends & family, no cold calling, no advertising, no special talents, huge data base or experience!

What if EVERYONE would just build their downline members sending 500 hits a week to their Team Tracker URL & their members would do the same thing? No more wondering what if! This starts NOW, not next week and no FALSE promises!

You have nothing to lose, the services are guaranteed by reputable, ethical business men, and, the business is guaranteed by BOTH companies... it's ALL right here for you NOW!

Can Team MLM Can Be Fair really pull this off?  Only time will tell! I know the system works and I know there will be many thousands of very happy members.

If you do not succeed there are 2 guarantees.

1. Service Guarantees by Traffic Wave and The Online Ad Network

2. Income Guarantee - Any income guarantee is illegal so what will YOU do.  Most people fail after several months because they quit; make a 6 (six) months commitment to the system and you will be on the way to phenomenal success. This makes the risk versus reward ratio quite favorable!



Welcome and Thank You for Choosing to Join ......
$$$ The Total Team Build Marketing System $$$
You Have Reached The Team Signup Completion Page

To complete your successful signup onto 'Your New Team' TODAY ... You must carefully complete the (2) Steps outlined below TODAY:

Step 1: Click on the 'Signup Rotator' link located in 'Section 1' directly below these directions. One of Our Team Members - 'Total Team Build Signup Webpage', who is 'next in line' to receive a PAID SIGNUP, will appear in a new window. Signup as a PAID MEMBER and pay your $29.00 Signup Fee and the additional $19.95 Affiliate Fee and YOU are All Set For Financial Security with Our Team !

NOTE: Make careful note of your Sponsor's Full Name you will need this information for Step 2:

Step 2: Once you have completed signing up to 'Total Team Build' under one of our Team Members, then proceed to complete the form listed in 'Section 2' at the bottom of this website. DO NOT fill out the form and click the 'Get Started Today' button at the bottom of the form UNTIL you have completed your signup to 'Total Team Build' under 'Our Team' system.

Section 1:
Signup Rotator for 'The Total Team Build Marketing System'

New Members Signup to 'Total Team Build' NOW by Joining One, Two Or All Three Here ....

TEAM ONE: TOAN Team Build Link:-)

TEAM TWO: MLM Can Be Fair Team -
Use the following link to join TrafficWave: http://www.trafficwave.net/members/cashinteam 
Here is the link to join AIOP: http://www.allinoneprofits.com/?id=MLMTeam

Section 2:
Complete The Information below in order to send YOUR Important Details to the System Administrator of 'The Total Team Build Marketing System'

Please send ALL of the requested information listed below in order to successfully complete the signup process to the Administrator so that he can correctly create your promotional webpage for 'Your System' AND ... place your Signup Link into Our Team Signup Rotator so that you can start receiving PAID SIGNUPS shortly.

Please mail the following information to:-) Lhnsystems@gmail.com Sorry but robots would fill in the forms so we use emails which they do not do yet.

First Name:
Last Name:
State / Province :
How Did You Find Our Program Website ? :
Who Is Your Sponsor onto Our Team ? :
Have you Done any Online Advertising ?
Will You Help Advertise for the Team ?
Enter Your 'Total Team Build' Username Here :
Please Enter Any Comments or Suggestions Here: