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This Is Changing Lives - Health & Wealth
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So What Exactly Is The New System And When Will The Doors Open? - THEY ARE OPEN!
The Success Stories You Stand In Awe Or Envy Of Are Really About People Just Like You.
They Just Found The Secret Behind Making Money Online, And That Is, Giving To Others.

There Are A Lot Of People Who Believe Some Secret Society Keep It All Hush-Hush But That Is Untrue. If You Look At 'What' And 'How' I Do IT, IT Will Only Take A Minute To Think About IT And YOU Will See For Yourself 'WHY' I Teach Others To Follow 'IT', This System Exactly. Then You Will Know How To Do Exactly What I Preach To Others Do To Be Successful.

This Site Is Designed To Give You Enough Info On The System To Entice You Into Playing A Role In Our Online Business If You Choose A New Career As An Online Marketer At Home.

Many Professionals Contributed,
And Through My Many Trials And Errors, To Come To My Online Knowledge And Expertise. However, What I Now Know Is The Average Newbie And Many Seasoned Networkers Cannot Possibly Succeed Without Being Scammed Out Of Thousands Of Dollars. My Site Is Designed So A Newbie Or Expert That Will Follow Simplified Directions Can Earn A Better Than Average Income... If NOT A Six Figure Income As I Do!

In Reality, It Takes Time To Build A Business!

The Professional Marketers That Helped Develop, 'David M Sherman's System For Success' Did So Through Many Trials And Tribulations To Get The Information You Need To Get Started The Right Way And Experience Your Personal Success Story.

People Throw Tons Of Money Away On Programs That Claim Will Make 10 Grand A Week Or More. The Truth!  Yes, It Is Possible. It Happens Everyday. But, Only If You Know 'How'.
This Is What We Teach You... A Systematic Approach To Creating Everyday Wealth!

Over The Next Few Minutes You Will Have More Information And Knowledge Of The Right Way To 'Do Those Things' Which Will Make Even More Money Every Month. And, Then You Will Wind Up In The Top Three Percent Of Those Earning A Living Online...

Your Success Is Only Limited By Your Passion To Succeed!


David M Sherman's 'SYSTEM FOR SUCCESS'

Welcome to the introduction of a systematic marketing platform that is turning heads around the industry. It is designed to help leverage cash from the internet and EXPLODE your business.

I am going to assume that you are here because you are SERIOUS about building a residual income and possibly building that legitimate business into a thriving and wildly profitable empire.

*** Before we get to that, I want assure that we are going to give you 'THE MARKETING SYSTEM' that will change your life... It is my secret to getting wealthy... and the source of my families financial independence.

There are tens of thousands of people that exposed to network marketing that are are in financial trouble as we all know... and YOU will know how to end their struggle! (ie, get wealthy;-) In fact, your success is dependent on your willingness to help others succeed. (ie, the Secret;-)

There are two motivators in life.  One is pain and the other is pleasure.  So I am assuming that the reader is seeking to fulfill their dreams in the pursuit of pleasure and happiness.

Remember, happiness is dependent upon happenstance or the circumstances we are in at the moment. Are you happy? I am also assuming that your future success in business and providing your family will all the privileges would be one of the keys to your happiness. If you are not happy then change your circumstances and let's do something about it starting today.

Success is different for every individual but for the sake of brevity I am going to define financial success as having enough money to do what we want, when we want and where we want... as long as it is legal.  About Pain... no one in their right mind is seeking any more painful experiences; we have all had failures and shed tears so I am not going do travel down that road.


The two areas of concern that face network marketers today are lack of leads and/or money!

These two obstacles are actually VERY EASY to overcome IF you apply the system and tactics we lay out in a logical and reasonable fashion to assure you master it quickly.  Once you comprehend the ideals then your ready to succeed... the light goes on, the spark ignites the passion and there is no obstacle that cannot be over-come by the virtue of your desire to help others succeed. If you do not know this; it is the key to the 'SECRET'.

Most people would have you believe you need to learn a dozen internet marketing techniques to generate hundreds of your own leads.  This system does not require buying expensive leads, or chasing relatives, or strangers, running endless marketing campaigns, learning all those arm twisting 'closing techniques' because this is a rejection free system. Prospects get IT or they do not!

The first thing you need to do is forget about all those marketing lessons ever learned except those about treating your prospects as friends, your friends as family and family as friends.

We are going to break all the rules and give you some real ground breaking ideas, techniques and concepts that will transform your thinking, and, thereby transforming your lifestyle from a 'wannabe' to one of a successful entrepreneur.

And don't take my word for it... just read what millions of Christians around the world learned from the greatest book in the world and what happens when they put these incredible lessons into action in their community... reaping and sewing is the God given law of reciprocity.

This is definitely not about spending months marketing a replicated corporate website and pushing traffic. It's all about transformation. People are their own worst enemy and the fallow ground between their ears needs to be broken up and replanted, watered, cultivated and then we can expect a notable harvest of success after success. When it happens nothing will be able to stop you short of success.  Finally, we will get the results desired with only a few serious prospects.

Do you really want to take a ton of time to generate leads and have to make sales month after month. This is the end of recidivism or having to recruit a new downline every two months.

The 'System For Success' does the marketing. This is the closer for my primary business and I hope your choice of opportunities too...  If we did this right you probably are beginning to understand just about everything you need to succeed from what you learned from this simple website so far.

We are not kidding! If it's cash flow you lack, this is the SYSTEM you need for success. If you are looking for real marketing training, an incredible supportive community and cutting edge tools, this is ABSOLUTELY the platform for you. However, we need to build a relationship first that is based on 'Truth' and 'Trust'.  The Big Money will come but it will take time so don't go out and tell your boss he or she is a jerk then quit... once you are successful and understand what it takes then you'll pity the poor guy or gal since you can walk away financially free and they will be stuck in that JOB - Just Over Broke. 

If you are already successful, 'Would you like to take your success to the next level and do the same thing for others?' If you are serious about finally breaking through with a real business, we can help.

If you have any questions they will all be answered shortly. It only gets better from here! Our goal is to have 100% success rate. We will give you access to one-of-a-kind system. It's not original but the way we have successfully incorporated it into our business plan is revolutionary. It’s really time to do something different if you’re part of about 98% who do not earn a living online!

You have probably seen this concept before if you have been marketing online for any length of time. We are going to use the 'Health and Wellness' industry to capitalize on this concept with our own unique twist on the Pay-It-Forward system.
Network marketing will forever change for our members immediately. There is no reason for the hype, nonsense, no fluff excuses and definitely no BS.  This site gives you the in-depth  step-by-step plan that will change your life. We will not need to hold your hand. We will instruct you on exactly what to do.

Here’s What You Need To Do Next... Get A Coffee Or Tea And Relax, Tah Dah! You Did It!
Your next step, right now, is to sit back and simply think about the simplicity of what we are asking people to accomplish in order to be successful... nothing is impossible with God.

This is the beginning of something AMAZING!! I believe this will begin a revolution or at least a movement… This will make a difference in this industry and help thousands of people change their lives… This now includes YOU!!
Let’s Make HISTORY Together!


This Is Changing Lives - Health & Wealth - We All Agree, We Need Both!

From David Sherman: The System For Success

If you were starting a home based business it would make good sense to start with a company that is showing tremendous growth and huge potential for the future.  It would also be wise to pick one that covers the largest segments of MLM consumers.

Weight Loss, Energy, Vitality, Daily Nutrition
All Real, All Pure Quality Ingredients!

The reason 'System For Success' was developed is that it is time to change the way businesses are being built. There are a myriad of burnt out network marketers who have all but give up.  There members get frustrated and quit because of high priced products that are used to inflate the owners pockets when they tell us they want to pay higher commissions. With the 'Old' way of doing business downlines are nearly impossible to maintain which is the reason the 'Norm' for successful marketers is the frustration of endless recruiting. The 'System For Success' will show an idyllic approach that works remarkably well in this arena.

This Is Your Invitation To Turn A Little Time And Energy Into A Significant Income For Your Family And Freedom From Any Bills! Family And Friends Have Actually Thanked Us For Sharing This Information SINCE Families Can Save Hundreds A Month Easily!!!

All I Ask Is That You Completely Reviews This Information And Really Consider Joining Our Health & Wealth Team For The Quality And Value Of The Products And Not Soley On The Income Potential. I Really Am Looking For 100% Satisfied Customers Too!


These Are The Highly Touted Products:

Fulvia (All around great product!)
Le'JOYva (Healthy Coffee!)
Ionic Silver (Every home needs this product in it!)

Liquid Oxygen Drink
Complete Nutritional Drink
Cleansing Product
Optimum Weight Loss
Skin Care Serum
Whitening System For Your Teeth

*NOTE: With Bulk Pricing get any of these products for as low as $12.50 each!


The Company Guarantee - My Advice, We All Need Guarantees!

There are no long commitments in which a Customer or EBO must purchase products. A Customer or an EBO may cancel their orders for a 100% Unconditional refund NO questions asked at any time for any reason within the first (3) days of ordering the product, simply by calling 877-362-2201 Mon – Fri to cancel account.  Refunds will be issued upon return of product if shipment has occurred.

Country Availability:-) BENIN, Brazil, BURKINA FASO, Canada, Democratic Repbulic of Congo, IVORY COAST, MALI, Mexico, PARAGUAY, PERU, SENEGAL, SOUTH AFRICA, THAILAND, TOGO, TOGO II, United Kingdom and United States

If you need a US mailing address and forwarding use :- )


Maximizing The Compensation Plan

MY GOAL - Help My Team Earn A Residual Income And A 100% Success Rate!

  • High End Products At Walmart Prices Or Lower With Volume Purchases
  • Fast Moving 3x10 Matrix - Probably The Best One For All Compensation Plan
  • Up to 100% Matching Bonus! This Is A Fair Way To Compensate Do-ers!
  • Only $33 To Start - 2 Tier Fast Start Bonuses Available
  • $22 Auto-ship - Everyone Can Switch Products In The Modern Back Office
  • The More Products Purchased, The Cheaper The Prices! Retail Profits Are A Reality
  • Car Bonus - $822/Month - You Could Lease Or Buy Two With This Kind Of Bonus
  • House Allowance - $2,222/Month - Now You Afford All The Upgrades You Want
  • Everyone Should Have A Sold Nutritional Company That Pays!

The goal is to begin to fill a three by ten (3 X 10) matrix. There really are no time limits. The first step is to complete the first level in the matrix.  The second is to help mentor those three members engage the system and duplicate our first steps.  Some people will hit the ground running and fill the first level in record time. Each members success is entirely up to their own efforts.  Every story is different as we are all individuals with different talents.  The first few steps my take a week, one month or several months... we all call our own shots. This Is The Game Plan That Works Every Time, In Time, If People Make The Effort!

Achieving Duplication Is Not An Awesome New Concept! 

Everyone knows duplication is the key to success in networking... this is not 'The Secret'. The short path to success is to Pay-It-Forward for three people, who will pay the way in for three, who will follow your lead... this is our strategy in very simple terms.

How To Find Your Personal Referrals For The Rebate Program

Regardless of recruiting ability this 'System For Success' works. The math is simple.  The program is a 3 x 10 matrix so only 3 personal referrals max out the pay plan when meeting the future volume requirement.

The 'System For Success'  simply creates the method to reveal how easy it is to use TAX Savings as a Government Rebate to build their Joy To Live team via conventional methods but who wants to go through all the hassle.  If the system is already working why reinvent the wheel. 

Sending someone a rebate in order to succeed instead of traditional marketing methods sure simplifies the whole process. I continually use the Pay-It-Forward rebate because I want to benefit all of my referrals and the bonuses. I also want to encourage those who benefit from it to use it too. I know these members will soon achieve similar success through the Law of Reciprocity as the Grace of God continues working in my life.  Amen!

Simple Steps Achieve Faster Results

The most important thing that I could possibly teach anyone about network marketing is the reward in teaching others to reach out and befriend the people we come in contact with. One day these people will become your friends or at least acquaintances and be extremely thankful. We are truly all in this together.

The TAX Rebate Empowers Your Success

NOTE: Many people are unaware that if they loose money in a valid attempt to earn and income all the funds used are, in part, or, totally tax deductible.  This opportunity falls within the home business category and expenses are fully deductible.  SO... this is really self-funding when we let the deductions pay for it.  The deductions are a real way to send less money to the government which in turn pays for your start up costs. Ask H & R Block!!!

KEEP THIS SIMPLE! Our support site is free to use, the conference calls will educate and motivate your prospects then some future day I will meet you on a beach somewhere!

(1) Get all your contacts to the SITE first. Many have joined without connecting personally...

(2) Get your prospects to read the site. This is a business and it's your responsibility to know it and answer any questions they may have.

(3) Get your contacts to believe what they read. Let them know your personal experiences...

(4) Get your contacts to sign up from your site. We really need to answer any questions.

(5) Get your contacts to agree to do the same. If they want to use this 'Systems For Success'

(6) Get serious with your referrals and find out if they are going to use 'System For Success'

NOTE: We get more products at  cheaper pricing! Members love this benefit, Big Time!

You Pick The People, You Pick The Product And Start The Journey To Freedom!
NOW! It Is The Time To Build Your 'JOY TO LIVE' Success Story!


 Joy To Live - 'Power of 3' Blitz Week Information

MONDAY - THURSDAY (All Times Eastern)

TIMES: 1 PM - 4 PM - 7 PM - 9 PM

FRIDAY: 1 PM & 4 PM (Eastern)

1. AUDIO CALL IN : (712) 432-0075 / Code: 279095#





Since we are on the Austin Team, we get free capture pages and a free responders. To get your free systems join JoyToLive OR FunToBeRich through your sponsors links.

Make sure your sponsor is correct or you will not be eligible for a rebate.


Your Sponsors Contact Information:

David M Sherman, PhD
Clinical Christian Counselor
Internet Business Consultant

David's Affiliate Links Are:


Some Amazing Information Everyone Needs To Know To Decide

If you need money join today for the best positioning. The compensation plan is based on a 3 x 10 matrix.  If you want to maximize the compensation plan use this site as an email to refer more people than you ever imagined possible. It's worth $33 to benefactor three personal referrals.  It's working GREAT! As of March 4th, 2012, I referred 18 personal members!

The 'System For Success' is intended to maximize the compensation plan quickly and easily. Matrix Commissions are paid from the auto-ship payments up to ten (10) levels deep. There is no sponsoring required and you can potentially earn up to $100,000 a month. I am sure that if anyone is 10% successful $10,000 a month for any bills for such a small investment is well worth benefactoring three and remaining on auto-ship for only $22 every month.

We have spelled out a practical and realistic business plan that most members could utilize and turn their financial fortunes around. This can happen very quickly but is always dependent on your efforts and those of your sponsor.


Yes, Teammates... This is the 'Real Deal'! I bet you never heard that before... LOL!

This one is a 'Really Dirt Cheap' opportunity and stable monthly earner, with HUGE Potential! My goal is to build a rock solid team that earns a long term residual income!

I am always looking but stopped when I ran across one that I believe is better than all the rest because it was just $33 to start and $22 per month!  Anyone can afford to do this is they are willing to give up the value meal at McDonald's for one day per week!

We all know and understand that joining one time payment opportunities can be great, and you can earn some money, but they always leave you looking for the next one!

If you want to build and earn a Residual Income we MUST start focusing on one or two monthly programs! Getting started with 'JOY TO LIVE' is the first step in the right direction. With only three referrals, you could earn $100k per month if you are ready to get serious!

Remember, it's Only $33 to start! Many of us spend two or three times that on one program!  And, don't let the $22 a month payments fool you. In time, this can really build up your commissions, and you could be earning $100s or $1,000 very soon each and every month! Check out the commission charts on the site.

Sure it's going to take a few people, but once you get three and after the monthly is covered, let it ride, let it build... If you are strategize like me... I will trade $22 for the shot at $100,000 a month any day of the week!

This is a total no-brainer when I looked it over since the other nutritional companies want us to join for $100 or $1000s up front.
  It's time to get smart.  With 'Joy To Live' we just need to find others that get the vision and will do the same. I am sure you can find 3 other people to come in after they thoroughly give this one some reading time about the products and compensation plan. This one deserves their full consideration.

Once you get in, if there is anything you can think of to help us build as a team, I am willing to consider those things and do what ever it takes! So let me have the ideas! Our team leaders will look at them to see if it will work into our long term goals.

We all have to start somewhere so consider this your private invitation.  For $33 and then just $22 per month for a quality product you'll have your best chance to earn a stable monthly income. I feel this is well worth all the time and effort we can put into it! If you ever wanted to build a residual monthly income, this is the best one I know of and already established.

Let's all work together to make it happen.
  Come join our team!

Here are your sponsors links and contact information again:-)

David M Sherman, PhD
Clinical Christian Counselor
Internet Business Consultant

David's Affiliate Links Are:

Almost Everyone That Completely Reviews This Information Really Considers
Joining Our Team For Quality And Value Of Products And Potential Income!

!!! This Can Be Life Changing !!!

YES, Our Friends Will All Thank Us For Sharing This Information
Their Families Can Save Hundreds A Month Easily
AND The Saving Alone Will Pay For This Business!

==> You Will Be In Profit The Quicker You Start <==

And You'll Find Out It Is Fun To Be Rich!

No One Has Failed When Sticking With This Proven Strategy!

So What ARE you waiting for? This is your private invitation from your sponsor to be a success! If you still have questions after reading the websites ask your sponsor or email the support staff. If we don't know the answers, we will try to find out.



'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you
and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.' - Jeremiah 29:11


David M Sherman, PhD
Clinical Christian Counselor
Internet Business Consultant
586-336-4165  9 - 7 EST

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May You Abundantly Prosper And Enjoy Good Health!

(Even if you don't join our team !)


Not to long ago I was $55,000 in credit card debt and I prayed, repented and God inspired me to keep working on the internet and that He would bless me... long story short... I've been magnificently blessed so I could be a blessing to others.  This 'System For Success' is based on His inspiration.  I also know many of my online friends and acquaintances are still struggling. Therefore I am going to give my personal guarantee on your investment into the 'SFS' system for $100.00.  The term is simple if you fail to profit after running ads for two months I will take over your downline and pay your $100. investment for the three members you paid for. If you do not have funds then join and I will work with your sponsor to build up your capital so you can participate.


APC Home More Opportunity Traffic



The Secret

Too many people are constantly searching for the "Holy Grail" of Internet advertising. Instead of just getting out there and doing something every single day, they sit back and wait till they find the "Secret" to Internet marketing.

Sure, there are great techniques you could be using. There are products out there which will teach you how to market better online. You should always be learning. The moment you stop learning, you start stagnating.

You will find that many of the techniques that the top experts teach you may actually disagree with one another. This is because there is only one true judge of what works in the online marketplace...testing and results. Without testing everything you put to use, you will never know what is or can work for you.

There is one "Secret" of Internet marketing every single successful Internet marketer will agree upon.

If you sit back and do nothing, you will get nothing!

Successful Internet entrepreneurs are doing something. If you sit back on the sidelines and just watch what's going on, you will never win the game.

Start doing something...even if it doesn't work!

You have to "practice" Internet marketing.

Place a classified ad in an ezine. If it doesn't work out the way you wanted, place a different ad in another ezine. If it does work, then keep running and add on more ezines to your advertising campaign.

If you want to write better ads for your products, then find some of the best sales letters and start copying them by hand. Then, practice your own letters.

Something that almost no one ever seems to mention in regards to business is that some of the most successful companies expect that only one out of every seven products they create will be a success worth continuing.

Claude Hopkins, considered by many to be one of the greatest marketing minds ever, recorded this in "Scientific Advertising:"

"There are many surprises in advertising. A project you will laugh at may make a great success. A project you are sure of may fall down. All because tastes differ so. None of us know enough peoples desires to get an average viewpoint."

If you are smart and stay in contact with the right people, you will learn something from it. Your next web site may be the success you are looking for.

The reason you may not be making money right now could be that you are targeting the wrong market. If you can't explain to me in one paragraph exactly who your targeted market is, then you aren't ready for success on your site.

Test some different advertising methods. Test some different ads. Only testing can tell you what will or will not work online or offline.

The key is to keep your testing small so that it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg. Test one or two ezine ads. Purchase a 10,000 banner ad campaign. Set up a small budget of say $50 - $100 every month just for testing (more experienced marketers have a much higher budget for testing).

Never spend any money on advertising where it will put you out of business. It should be as small and risk-free as possible at all times.

If you can't afford to spend or lose any money in advertising, then start trying free traffic techniques. There are dozens of them that you can use as well. In this area, never spend more time on any advertising technique than you can afford to lose.

Time is money and as you become more and more successful in this business, it is the time that you run out of first.

The Secret to Internet marketing is to "Do Something." Even if it doesn't work out quite as well as you plan, keep doing it or add in other elements and aspects to your business.

The second Internet marketing secret is much like the first one. It is "Don't give up!"  If you made it this far, "You Are A Winner!"


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