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After Reviewing This Page Email Us At

Subject Line: Ready To Get Started.
Body: Your Name, Phone Number, Best Time To Call,
Promo Code
/ Referral Name: Janet Seager - jlesly

We Will Call
YOU To Schedule Your Appointment To Set Up Your Account.
We will Answer Questions At That Time.
The Sign Up Process Takes 5 - 10 Minutes.


Ready To Start NOW, Join Here:

Here Are Instructions For Signing Up Someone

Below is the link to get started. Just follow the 10 easy steps below and you will be ready to start stuffing your PayPal account with $100 Instant commissions. Your going to love this program because of how simple we have made it. As soon as we see you have joined, we will send you our training site link. If you have any questions call David Sherman.

Thank YOU and Welcome Aboard!
Simply Steps To Start Now
Join Here --->> http://nationalwealthcenter.com/?id=jlesly

The First Step Is To Click On 'Start Now' In The Upper Right Corner:

  1. Create account
  2. Pay admin fee $9.95
  3. Then click on Join Levels
  4. Click Wealth Advantage $100 
  5. Pay $100 Product using PayPal
  6. Then Click My Account
  7. My Profile
  8. Put in your SS #
  9. Scroll all the way down and put your PayPal email address in
  10. Hit Update Profile


Takes less then 5 minutes.
Call if you have any questions. 

Janet Seager 505-228-5934  jlesly janetseager37@gmail.com

Emergency: David Sherman  586-336-4165

Our Operators Sign Up New Members Over The Phone 6 Days A Week

Sign Up Hours: Monday 1pm - 5pm, Tuesday 1pm - 9pm, Wednesday 1pm - 5pm, Thursday 1pm - 9pm, Friday Closed, Saturday 10am - 4pm EST And Sunday Closed * Note: We will try to accommodate special circumstances.


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Here's How It Works:

Our Team utilizes a Unique Reverse 2-Up Compensation Plan.
The 2nd and 4th person you sponsor are 'passed up' to your sponsor.
But Don't Worry!
The 2nd and 4th member of the people you sponsor are 'passed up' to YOU!
No Levels! Just One Amazing 'Horizontal Pay-Line' growing by the
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1st Person you sponsor goes to YOU! You get $100 Instant Cash!

So With Just One Person... You Break Even!

2nd Person you sponsor is 'Passed Up' to your sponsor.

3rd Person you sponsor goes to YOU! You get another $100 Instant Cash!

So with Just Two People You are $100 In Profit And Have A
$100 Monthly Residual Income

4th Person you sponsor is 'Passed Up' to your sponsor.

5th Person you sponsor and everyone after that... goes to YOU! And you get additional
$100 Instant Cash Payouts for each one of them Plus the Monthly Residual Income!

You only 'pass up' your 2nd and 4th member to your sponsor.

Everyone Else you personally sponsor goes directly to YOU...
and You Earn Whopping $100 Instant Cash
Payments on Each One of Them!

And You Can Sponsor as Man Members as You Wish!
But That's just the beginning of the Wealth Creation Tidal Wave!

Each member that you personally sponsor (1st,3rd, 5th and everyone after that) is added
to your 'Horizontal Pay-Line'. As already stated, YOU earn a $100 Payout from each of
these members... PLUS they each 'PASS-UP' to YOU their 2nd and 4th member!

You earn another $100 Payout from the 2nd and 4th member
who were 'Passed-Up' to YOU!

But the Profit Potential doesn't stop there... because each of those members 'Pass Up'
their 2nd and 4th members to YOU... and you earn two more $100 Payouts!

And each of those members 'Pass-Up' their 2nd and 4th members to YOU...
and this continues through INFINITY!

Which allows YOU to earn Un-Ending $100 Instant Cash Payouts Daily!

Only 5 members = $500 Monthly Residual - $6,000 yr
Only 10 members = $1000 Monthly - $10,000 yr
Only 20 members = $2000 Monthly - $24,000 yr
Only 50 members = $5000 Monthly - $60,000 yr

Only 100 members = $10,000 Monthly  - $120,000 yr!







We can show you how to add $500 to $1,000 a month to your Residual income and access it through any ATM anywhere. This simple system is consistent, safe, and secure.

You will be earning up to $500 to $1,000 a month in just days!

Imagine a system that can:-)

*Bring in profits for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year
*Make Money On Autopilot, Just By Pushing A Few Buttons!
*Pay your bills!
*Get out of Debt!
*Spend time with your family
*Buy your dream home

Let me show you how I do it! I put $100.00+ in my account almost every day and so can you!

Important Notice! Due to the overwhelming response we have had to limit this offer, we are overloading our service providers... it just means it may take a little longer to answer the phone calls or emails.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer personal service right now to an unlimited number of people. I'm really sorry about that but our time is limited. The Promote The Same Team version does ensure that you have no additional out of pocket expense.

As a result, we will only offer this program to 30 - 40 participants daily. We will be training more members weekly.  After which time, the PTST Version will be available around the clock but not right now because we have got to get some sleep too. I apologize in advance to anyone who cannot participate. I am doing the best I can.

The Promote The Same Team Version IS A Powerful Money Making Online System
That Allows You To Make Big Profits Everyday On Auto-Pilot
All On The Internet With A Few Clicks Of The Keyboard!

You really have just taken the first step toward a new life!

I'm not an internet guru, I'm a real person with real answers to real problems.

What I do is very simple. I teach you how to reach into the system and generate $100, $200, $500, even $1,000 every day of the year. The amount and the frequency is up to you.

This is not done with smoke and mirrors. This is real. You have just come to one of the few places on the web where you are going to receive REAL HELP for your financial future.

This is NOT a "get-rich-quick" scheme. Just because we generate results daily doesn't mean this is some "pie in the sky" program. I thought it was "too good to be true" until I saw it for myself.

I didn't risk my grandchildren's future on a fly-by-night gimmick. You've never seen a site like this one and you've never been given an offer like the one you're about to read.

I know you're ready for a change or you wouldn't be here!

I'm financially secure for the rest of my life. I will never ever be broke again. Ever! I can't tell you how much that means to me. I love being secure financially.

I'm going to show you what I learned and how simply you could put yourself in my shoes, generating an extra $500 to $1,000 or more every month!

You will be able to access your money through any ATM machine in any mall, gas station, or millions of other locations. You're going to love this system.


How many sites have you seen where they are just selling you an idea but that's it. Not here. I know you need to have help so I'm going to help you.

That's right, I'm not going to just try and offer you something and walk away, I'll help you through the process until you ARE READY TO have income going into YOUR account.

It's GOOD AND it's TRUE!

The Awesome New Way To Make Money Online Where 97% Of The Work Is Done For YOU!

To answer the other question. No, you don't have to be a genius to do it! What I am going to share with you is a proven, consistent, secure system that produces income everyday. You don't have to worry about it slowing down or being dependent upon the economy.

This system works for you to generate consistent income for you everyday, no matter what day it is.

If you can follow the instructions I give you, you will have the same results I have all the time. It doesn't matter who does it. It doesn't matter how many people read this.

I use one very important test...

If I can do "follow my instructions" and make the income I am describing, then I believe no one else has an excuse. So 'Whiners' need not apply!

This system is quick and easy to get started.

I will walk you through this. Yes, it is so simple ' a fifth grader can do it'!

Here we go. What you are going to do is set up online accounts. I WILL SHOW YOU EXACTLY HOW TO DO THIS 'STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS.

You will be working less than 2 hours a day and earning up to $100.00 a day for each person you refer.

These accounts are available for anyone and they are within just about anyone's reach. Everyone qualifies for these accounts so don't worry about that. They are legal, safe, and they work!

These will be RESIDUAL INCOME accounts paid directly to you personally. This is how you will generate your income. I will show you EXACTLY how to do this.

After that you are going to learn how to do several simple transactions, again, all online. These transactions that you do are the key to the system. You follow the same procedure all the time... You only have to do these once.

Once you do that you monitor your system everyday (here's your two hours) to ensure everything is running smoothly. Once you've done that you can relax and watch your income come in. You'll even be able to access your money in any ATM if you follow the instructions you receive.

Let's get really clear! This is not a charity you are required to follow directions in order to accomplish goals and the statistics predict that you will eventually win... if you don't give up. Quitters never win, and, Winners never quit!

Now, I'm going to make this really simple and clear so there is no confusion in your mind. You will have absolutely no problem setting up online ad accounts. Each one will be worth $100 or more a day, every day. (and no, it's not surveys or some other nonsense.)

Once your accounts are set up, you will be able to earn a residual income in less than 2 hours a day. I will show you exactly how I do that and then I will walk you through the process so that YOU SUCCEED!

You will have cash income EVERYDAY! I'm talking about DAILY INCOME that is automatic. I get so excited sharing this information! I really mean that. I get excited because I know for a fact that I can prove this to you and you will thank me and say nice things about me!

Ok, back to the program.

You will learn how to:

*Set up your online income accounts
*Set up your online transactions.
*Access your money online or through any ATM machine!

You will have Step-by-Step instructions that are foolproof.

You don't need . . .

*Good credit.
*To be a computer genius.
*To sell anything personally to anyone.

All you do is watch your accounts GROW! It's just amazing. It's so simple! You will be amazed how EASY this is!

Over the course of many challenges and stupid decisions, I found myself alone with a family to care for.

Without boring you with all the details, let's just say I needed to provide for my grandchildren.

I needed more than just income, I needed financial security!

This was an extremely difficult place for me. I could either fall apart, or find a way to overcome the challenge. I found a way.

My grandchildren were depending on me and I needed to come up with a solution to their needs.

I know many other single parents and grandparents know what I'm talking about. This was not a nice place to be.

I don't even want to think about what kind of life I would have had without this system.

You name it, I tried it. I worked two jobs and then spent hours on the computer trying to find some ideas or ways to make enough money to take care of our family.

I know how you feel looking for answers. I have been there in that exact spot so I know what you're going through.

I know what its like to be looking everywhere for an answer. To be getting the Sunday paper hoping to find some answer. To send in resumes and try to "dress to impress" hoping to get the job so you can be gone for 50-60 hours a week.

All the while, I am just barely staying ahead of my bills. If you've never been under that kind of pressure, you don't know how desperate you can get.

Finally I found a system that actually worked. I cannot begin to tell you how good it feels to be safe. My family is now secure financially.

Can you imagine being so free you can do whatever you want with your day and not suffer financially for it?

Imagine coming home from work and checking your online accounts to see that you have up to $1,000 in your account that wasn't there this morning!

That really feels good! You'll be able to go shopping, buy just about anything, and feel good!

One of the things I love the most is being able to live without ever feeling guilty for buying something.

NO MORE GUILT for buying something for yourself! This was a real struggle for myself.

You won't have that regret in your gut because you feel like you spent too much. You know that feeling? Instead, you'll have the confidence to know that you will have more TOMORROW!

It's an awesome thing!

So, what does my day look like?

Well, here's what I do every day.

*I sit down at my computer
*I check my emails.
*I return my emails.
*I check my income accounts online.
*I do two to four simple transactions.
*I turn off my computer.
*I have a nice day.

This takes me two hours a day or less!

So much for being a super smart businessman!

I don 't do surveys or stuff envelopes. No MLM or chain letter nonsense either. I don't have time for that nonsense.

I don't have to talk to people all day on the phone. I don't sell anything to anyone. I don't do weird party plans or some other goofy sales deal. I don't recruit people or spend hours looking for "deals." I don't have to drive anywhere (except a bank or shopping to get out from time to time).

This not a get rich quick scheme. You will be earning money on legitimate transactions going on right now as we speak throughout the country.

You may not become rich . . . but you'll never be broke again!

You know all those times you wished you could do more for your friends and family. My parents worked her entire life away. I cannot tell you how it broke my heart to see them struggle.

Now I can give them whatever they want. I can help them financially and provide for them without it even affecting my own family.

Do you have any idea how satisfying and fulfilling that is?

Do you know how great it is to be able to see a need and write a check without worrying about it bouncing?

I have never been so financially happy in my whole life.

Why am I sharing this with you?

You know, there's a lot of junk being sold on the internet that I am ashamed to admit that I bought. I spent money I couldn't spare on ideas that turned out to be garbage. I can tell you that I was frustrated and even angry many times.

So, after consistently securing income week after week, I decided to make this available to people.

I just ache inside when I think about all the families that are suffering just because they of what they don't know!

I make my money using my system, not selling it!

My income comes from following the same instructions that you will be following. I will show you exactly what I do to generate from $100 or more every single day. You will be amazed at how simple this really is.

Here's how you know I'm deadly serious. Currently I donate 100% of the time it take to my team to build the affiliate sites. That's right, I don't see a dime from this site.

Got you thinking don't I. Somebody must be praying for you because this is an answer you've been looking for.

Get Started today!

What I will show you is so much fun, you'll be amazed. It's so simple that anyone could do it. All you have to do is follow really simple instructions.

You will have step by step help all the way until you are generating income! You can't find that anywhere. I have looked. I have read hundreds of sites offering books and plans, but then they leave you there.

You will not do this alone!

NO more trying to "go it alone" unless you choose to. You're not going to get left to the side. You will be successful.

I'm willing to walk you through the process until you are making money like I do. You are going to have the income I'm talking about. You are going to do it. I am telling you right now in front of God and everybody, you are going to succeed.

You're going to love going to your bank or ATM machine!

You will learn how to:

*Set up your income accounts
*Put everything you need together quickly.
*Access your money online or through any ATM machine!

You will have Step-by-Step instructions that are foolproof. I will show you exactly how begin receiving income in as little as one day!

You will be able to stay home, get on your computer, and earn up to $1,000 per day, every day. That's the exciting part!

Here's what you get!

*Step by step help until your making money!
*Never be broke again, ever!
*Get out of debt-FAST!!!!!
*Access your money worldwide in any ATM!
*Keep your job/Quit your job. Your Choice!
*Buy the home you've always dreamed of.


Get Started today! Just say 'YES! I Want to start making money immediately with this System!

This Is An Instant Set Up, You Can Start Your Online Business Right After Ordering So Make Sure You Don't Close The Page! There is No Waiting For Your System, It's Yours In Minutes!

Normally we simply provide the information to people and they have to follow the instructions on their own. In this LIMITED OFFER, we will WALK YOU THROUGH the steps you need to take until you are ready to MAKE MONEY RIGHT FROM THE START.

The Promote The Same Team System is our FAST TRACK program that gets you going as fast as possible to get your accounts generating income as soon as possible.

One More Thing:


That's right. You're not going to get this and then find out there are hundreds of dollars of other "fees" to pay.

If you join the Promote The Same Team PACKAGE TODAY, you will not have any additional up front out of pocket money to pay to get started. All additional costs will come from your earnings! Guaranteed!

Have you ever in all your searching on looking on the web ever seen any offer of help like this? Ever seen that before?

Didn't think so.

There's only one catch. I can't do this indefinitely

I have made arrangements for a limited number of people. I can't do this for everyone. Once I reach my limit, this offer expires. I am sorry about that but I have to work with people who are ready to go TODAY.

I don't mean to pressure you, it's just that I can only help so many at a time. So, ORDER TODAY!

For just
$19.95 a month, One-Time Fee Today,
you get The Promote The Same Team System which includes:

*Take you BY THE HAND service!
*Step by step instructions on putting your "machine" to work.
*Simple, easy to follow directions on setting up your accounts.
*How to start making money in as little as one day.
*How to access your money in any ATM machine across the country.

The System is accessible on this site immediately! You don't have to wait for a "package" in the mail.

You can get started within minutes of placing your order. The choice is yours!

You could look all over the web, you'll not find anyone offering to walk you through to success!

Lot of people have already used This System and are currently at the ATM withdrawing their cash...

Please don't put it off. When we reach our limit, we will not offer this package anymore.

With the volume of visitors we are having lately, this special offer wont last much longer!!!!

Spots are limited. Get Started TODAY. Tomorrow Never Comes!

Just say, 'YES! I Want to start making money immediately with this System!'

Once your appointment is scheduled, you will be taken right to the system.

You're going to love this System and our business model.

Here's my guarantee to you...

I personally guarantee that if you use the system you will have learned exactly what I do to make a residual income, just like I said.

If after 30 days, you honestly believe I have not delivered on this promise, you do not owe us one red cent.

There's only one condition. You have to put the system to work. I want you to have the life you always wanted. Take the step and go for it!

Many people dream about it, now you can live it!


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