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If I could show you a truly simple way to earn $8K A Week (no joke), starting right away, would like to know how?  I've put this site together for those that are in need of some quick and easy cash without any complications or confusion.

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The email below is the one my sponsor used to refer 15 personals in a matter of days.  It is important that you give people your phone number to leave a message or talk to you.  If you have them listen to the latest call it will probably do 90% of the work for you.

My affiliates site is: https://54627099.8kaweek.net

Name: Charles Gibson
Guest Code: 54627099
E Mail: ctgibsonsr1@yahoo.com
Telephone: 215-222-2147

Earning a six figure income on the internet just became a lot easier.  If you are willing to do a little work there are immense rewards available.  Most of the work is now automated and we are here to help you succeed.  Please fill in the information below if you would like us to personally contact you with more information.  A phone number is optional. 

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Let's Get This Party Started... Everyone Is Going To Be A 'Winner'

Folks if you want a front row seat in a 'No Brainer' opportunity better hurry!

We're going to keep this short and sweet because you either want to spend only a little to make a lot of money or not. Our guess is that you certainly want to do that!

So....how does spending $32.50 to get started and only $18.50 weekly thereafter sound.  You could not only be in profit after the first week...but very possibly well on your way to pocketing THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS weekly? I will give you 500 Networker Leads when you join today and another 500 when you get three so you can give them to your signups.

We call that a 'Win/Win'. Low start up cost... Huge Income Return :-)

There's a reason this program is named 8K A Week...and it's not brain surgery (although don't tell this to the highly reputable owner, David Rosen, who built the comp model featuring a rather complicated proprietary algorithm).  So here's the reason: Simple. When your small 3x6 COMPANY FORCED matrix is filled, you will have built your financial empire to $8,000 each and every week. Now, that's a nice residual income.

Some people will be at this level by this time next month. Others will be well on their way. All we know is that even if your "only" earning $250 A Week, that's $1K A Month... pretty nice pocket change off an initial $32.50 spend, followed by weekly $18.50 spends. Who doesn't like those figures?

This is definitely the 'Pay Peanuts...Eat Caviar' program! It really is a 'no brainer' to get started with. It appeals to the masses because it is affordable to everybody, and everybody needs an instantly paying additional source to pad their bank account.

Yes I said, Everyone Wins! WHY?  This is a forced Filled 3x6 matrix.  All the heavy hitters have already been placed at the top to create spill. Official Launch is Feb 1st, so get your place today using Alertpay.

The latest call is at http://www.8kaweek.com/jan24.mp3  The actual call starts at about 20% of the way into the call.  David Rosen, the owner, does a great job.  There will be three weekly calls very soon.

You Choose Your Income Potential

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My 8K A Week Affiliate Site Is At:  https://54627099.8kaweek.net

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James Orr

Email: jnopartners@gmail.com

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The 8KAWeek Lead co-op!

Okay, we now have plenty of leads for everyone in the system.
 We are now open and the payment process for the 8KAWeek Team Co-Op is LIVE. 

Like I said before it's first-come-first-served and everyone of you that sent us your email saying, 'YES, I WANT IN!', have been placed in order of when you sent us your email.  Now, the second step is to send us your ID for the 500 Free Leads, so, you can start building your team.  

Now, for those of you who joined 8K A Week after I sent out the email about the 8K A Week co-op here's a copy of that email:

Hello Teammates,

This is what we're going to do for those of you that struggle with online marketing.  The whole reason that David Rosen started 8KAWeek in the first place and why it was originally set-up the way it was is because we wanted to try and help as many people as we possibly could. So, I had to think of another way to help and after thinking on it for quite some time I realized that I can best serve you all by utilizing my greatest asset to you my IM skills. 

I'm talking internet and good lead generation! So, this is how the co-op is going to work for you if you decide you'd like to join. I want you all to make 8KAWeek here!

So, if you choose to take advantage of the lead co-op, which is first-come-first served by the way, you will email us at  norecruitingever@gmail.com plus a copy to your person sponsor and let us know that YES, I WANT IN, and we will add you to the list.

The co-op is going to funnel people who join your 8KAWeek business.  It's a lead co-op that gives everyone 500 networker leads and a copy of this site for $22.00.

This is our collection of lists of people who have joined a network marketing company or MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). This type of list is known as a downline report or genealogy report. These are folks who have proven their desire to be networkers, and they are always looking for a great opportunity - perhaps yours...

This is your chance to sponsor a real " heavy hitter " into your program because there are many of them in these lists. The people on these genealogy databases are the " do-ers " rather than the "look-ers".

Proven experience is the key ingredient that sets these people apart from many other prospects. These are "the veterans" of MLM Network Marketing.

These people are introduced to your business by your emails AND they are PRE-SOLD so that YOUR business grows, and they will have the option of receiving 500 Networker Leads by joining your business and marketing it themselves with our leads.

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The cost of the 500 co-op is FREE, and for that we GUARANTEE FREE LEADS until you get 3 signups! The site is not included in the FREE lead offer. 

Now, anyone that\'s been around the block in the world of IM, knows the cpl ( cost per lead ) 500 leads being FREE is PHENOMENAL!

Not only that, but, more importantly, those leads that we send to you through our marketing system will, if not immediately, they most likely, will sign up for the co-op at some point, which will have their 8KAWeek business being built by spill-over, and in turn builds your organization!

So, there it is. Can you see why we are so excited about this?

Also, this co-op is open to all of you, even those of you that have no problems building your businesses, but, just want to pay for some additional advertising that will GUARANTEE you get a nice ROI ( return on investment ) and help build your business a little quicker.

Now, I will say, that because we are not building your business for you, there are no time limits on how long it will take to get you your 3.  Could be 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, who knows, there's no predicting these things.  Even for us experienced
marketers, building an online, and offline for that matter, business is a time-consuming process.  It requires hard work, dedication, and a whole LOT OF PATIENCE!

The Lead Co-op, once again, it's FIRST COME FIRST SERVED!

If your interested, send your email to us at my email norecruitingever@gmail.com plus a copy to your person sponsor and let us know that 'YES, I WANT IN!'

Now, the co-op leads are ready, by the end of the week you could have three.  Plus we are giving FREE advertising resources which are already in place.  So, here's the info you need to join 8KAWeek with and secure your site and FREE leads.

James Orr's Affiliate Site Is:  https://54627099.8kaweek.net

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If you are not purchasing a site send your payment information for 8KAWeek and ID along with your email to your sponsor for your 500 leads. Please include:

Your name:


Phone number: (if you want it on your site)

Send to: norecruitingever@gmail.com for your site and to your sponsor's email if you do not order a site to receive your leads.

As soon as we have your info we'll enter your site order accordingly. Alright, everyone, that's it for now.  It's going to be a fun ride! 

For those who have not purchased a site I will send my personal referrals 500 Leads, people who actually work on the internet.  Plus I will send you updates as often as possible with real content. Well, that's it then.  The new 8KAWeek should be fun for everybody!  I look forward to helping as many of you as I can!

2 Step Blueprint For Getting Unlimited Cash Guaranteed!

by David Sherman, Team Leader

Let me assure you that this report does not contain BS! What you are about to learn will put cash in your pocket any day you want it to and then turn it into $1,000.00's more in 3 easy steps. Every experienced networker knows the money is in the list but most of them do not know 'the secret' to using money like the super-rich.

What you are going to learn is the very methods used by big corporations and billionaire capitalist around the world to make sure they are never short on cash needed to accomplish their financial goals, both personal and business goals. And the real secret is how to do this quickly and honestly.

Look, the super rich are not any smarter than you are, they are not luckier than you are, and they don't deserve to be rich any more than you do. So, what is the difference between the super rich and you? Since we have never met nor ever spoken with one another, I'm not sure that I can answer that question properly as it applies to you. I can however, tell you the difference between the super rich and most people who will read this report.

It is simply this... They want more than most people. Let me illustrate what I mean by saying the super rich want more than most Insider Methods To Raising Cash!

But in order to illustrate it effectively I must explain what the super rich do not want. They do not want...

∑ A job...

∑ A savings account

∑ A financially secured life...

∑ A pile of money around the house...

∑ A business...

∑ A new home...

∑ A fancy car...

∑ A college education.

Yes, it is true that the super rich have all these things, or most of them, but they obtained these things after they got the one thing they wanted. If any of them ever did want these things before becoming rich, they had the good sense to realize that their wants were not going to come to them until something else happened. So what did they want before becoming rich?

Two things...

1. Cash
2. Multiplying Cash

That is it, nothing more. This is more than most people want and that is why they do not have it. Most people never have any money left at the end of the month. Everyone uses the excuse that they do not have enough to make ends meet. This may be true. But I will assure you that everyone you also, have junk in their home or garages which they purchased with extra cash they had at one time or other.  All this junk are things they didn't and don't need. This is the difference between the super rich and the average person. The super rich don't buy anything from cash they earn. They buy their junk from profits gained as a result of their extra cash earning more cash.

The super rich understand the law of multiplying. You see humans and animals multiply.  Cash can and does do the same for some people.  Does your cash multiply for you? If your answer is no then this report is your guideline to make that change.  And if you do not, at least, you will understand the difference between you and the super rich. And that difference is not their fault. It is yours. It needs to be said that an education or business, for examples, can bring cash. But neither of these will multiply cash. And neither is used by the super rich to multiply cash. It should also be pointed out that the stock market does not multiply cash either. True, some people get rich through the stock market. But the markets history shows that stock market kings of today will be tomorrowís paupers.

I don't know if you are in business or not but let me tell you why most people fail in business. And it does not matter if their business is located on Main Street or on the internet. Better yet, let me tell you why you will fail in business unless you have a different approach, unless you use the methods of the super rich.

To succeed in business, to succeed in providing what you and your family want out of life, to succeed in a secure, solid financial future for your children, you must have one burning thought deep in your sub-conscience mind. That thought is CASH! CASH!! CASH!!!

Every time you go to spend your hard earned money, forget that it is money. Think of it as CASH! Cash that that has the potential of producing more cash if you allow it to. If you do not train yourself to think this way you will never be rich. And you have no right to harbor hard feelings toward those who are rich. Those of you who are trying to make money on the internet think of this. Most people trying to make money on the internet are using affiliate programs. If you think affiliate programs are going to make you rich you are dead wrong. Affiliate programs can and should be used to earn cash which can earn more cash and make you one of the super rich.

Most people involved with affiliate programs don't think cash. They only think in terms of making money or earning a living. This kind of thinking will keep you in the poor house.  However, the affiliate program owner thinks CASH. Because he knows it does not matter if you ever purchase his product or service as long as you are trying to make money with his program you are helping to make his product or service a household name, like coca cola, throughout the entire internet community, which is huge. Thatís why you can join affiliate programs for free.

These affiliate program owners know that the only people who will join them are people who don't think cash. They also know that if they can get enough people who don't think cash marketing their product or service they will make sales to those who do think cash.

Please don't misunderstand me. I think you should belong to some good affiliate programs. But only for the purpose of raising additional cash and use that cash to produce more cash.

If you need money to live on then do not get involved with affiliate programs. But rather raise cash first which will multiply into more cash. All that is needed is for you to follow the instruction provided in this report. Once you have reached the point that you don't need to make money, by all means, become an affiliate. So how do you raise cash?

The same way the super rich do it. And how is that? They use other peopleís money. Before I explain my answer, I need to ask you a question first.

What would you do with $100,000 you could easily raise using the methods of the super rich? Would you do something stupid with it, like buy junk or invest in the stock market, or even more stupid, pay your debts?

I know you donít like that but bear with me because Iím going to show you how smart it is to use other peopleís money to make money.

If you have a mortgage you should already know this because when you financed you used other peopleís money to purchase your home. That is why you are making payments that are taking from your financial future monies that could be used to secure your future, it is call interest.

So donít pay off a mortgage. Use their money. Use the money you would normally give them to make more money for you and your family. Please understand I am not saying donít make your house payments. What I am say is, it is more profitable to pay the bankers monthly and use the money you are going to raise to make more money.

One question for you and the answer you give will decide if you should read any further. The question is would you place $100 in the hands of a company or individual who would pay your $.25 cents per day for 365 days as interest? Did you say no? Then donít read any further because you have no concept of the value of earning $.25 per day on $100 cash you can get by using the insider secrets.

Since you have come this far Iíll tell you what $.25 per day for 365 days produces on $100. You would have added $91.25 to the $100 you already had. That is $91.25% increase in one year. If that doesnít excite you then consider what the super rich get per year. You must admit that 91% annually is a good return but even the rich would agree with you that it is not the best return. So they place their money where it earns $.25 per day compounded.

As a result this is their bottom line earning at the end of one year, $125.94 profit per $100 dollars. Think of that they earn 251% annually on their money. At this point, it is not nearly as important to know how they do it, as it is to know, would you do it?  If your local bank called and said deposit $100 and we will pay your $125.94 each year, which you can spend on the junk you want, and you will still have the $100 on deposit to earn again next year, would you do it?

If your answer is NO then the rest of this report is not for you. Delete it now! But if your answer is yes, then read on, because Iím going to show you how to do it after you follow the instruction provided for raising all the cash you want. Now it is time to answer the questionÖ

How to raise all the cash you want.

It is simple and will only take about 30 minutes of your time to get the ball rolling. However, there is a catch. There always is, right? And that catch is this. If you are not willing to help other people reach their financial goals then it will not work for you. If you are willing to help others reach their financial goals than you will receive hundreds of thousands of dollars over and over again to reach your financial goals.

Here is how you do it.

You help other people become financially independent.  How do you do that?  You spend $32.95 dollars to the 8K A Week site and have them build you a website.  All of the instructs are included to do this on your own then help set up three members and help them get three.

Each of these positions receives a portion of the profits each week.  After the teams help build your business will receive a weekly payment from 8K A Week stating what each has done to build your new business so that you can write and thank them. Also, to make sure and find out how you can help improve the system and it is working the way it was designed and intended to do.

You will also receive a copy of this report with your affiliate ID in the correct link positions. Then you simply distribute this report to your mailing list so they can take advantage of this great offer.

Donít worry if you donít have a mailing list.  The 8K Team will help you learn to distribute this report to raise money for you. Iíll explained this earlier. We give you networker leads of people who actually have mlm experience FREE.

It is important for you to remember that you get your name as an affiliate to appear in hundred of different websites being distributed across the internet. So what kind of results are we talking about? Letís say you are helped by 10 people and then those 10 people are each helped by 10 more people, etc., etc., etc.

What are the end results?

10 x 10 = 100

100 x 10 = 1000

1000 x 10 = 10000

These are realistic numbers but not what you need to become one of the rich.

What Iím going to show you next is how to take a small portion of the money you will raise and multiply it into a real solid fortune for yourself and family. You are going to see how the super rich do it and how you can do it. What do the rich do with their cash that makes it multiply into millions year after year?

Now Iím going to explain what the super rich allow experts to do with their money. But Iím not going to explain how the experts do what they do because it would require another report to do that, plus, it would only bore you.

The super rich allow the experts to buy and sell their cash. They sell it when its value is high and they buy it when its value is low. And this is done on a minute by minute time period. By doing this they profit whether their cash is going up or going down in value. They do not care what is happening with its value. They earn between Ĺ and 3% every single day, 24 hrs a day, 6 days a week. The paragraphs below are going to explain what happens with $1,000 earning only Ĺ % compounded daily for 1 year.

Cash Percentage Earnings Total

I know you donít have $1,000 dollars but stop thinking about what you have or donít have. It is not important. I have already shown how you are going to get the cash you need to become one of the super rich. And consider this, based on Ĺ % daily earnings, but remember I told you earlier that the rich earn between Ĺ -3% daily. And so can you. What would that $3,514.37 be at the end of one year, if your average was only 1% per day? Here it is: $12,274.00.

Now the question is, was the junk you wasted $1,000 on last year really with $12,274.00. Now donít try to weasel, I know and you know you did in fact waste $1,000 or more last year, on things you did not need, and some of those things probably donít even work today. Keep it up and you will remain in the poor house. The only between being poor and being rich is desire.

What do you want? You want cash? Then use this plan and get it. You want to be one of the super rich? Then use the second part of this plan and become rich. If you are not rich this time next year it will be your fault. And reason I say it will be your fault is because you now know the Secretís Of The Super Rich, so ignorance is not an excuse, andÖ Iím going to help you get rich. Thatís right Iím going to help you get rich, if you will allow me. Remember what I said before? You can only become rich if you are willing to help other people become rich. This financial plan will not work for the greedy. Here is what Iím going to do to help you get rich. The moment you send me an email with your full name and where you are from, with a small message ďI want to help other people get richĒ that very moment Iím going to make contact with 1,000's of people who are interested in raising cash.

And each of those who respond will be instructed that they are required to join you as an affiliate in 8K A Week to help you get rich. Remember our illustration and how this works. 1x10=10;10x10=100;100x10=1,000; 1,000 x 10 = 10,000. That is the formula. Now you are thinking but what happens if no one responds. Look here, why did you read this report all the way through? Because you want to get rich, right? You need cash, right?

Do you really think youíre the only person on the planet that needs cash? Do you really think there are not 10 other people out of the 1000's we will help you contact, who do not need cash.

I challenge youÖ I dare you to prove me wrong, to prove these methods of the super rich do not work. Here is my challenge to you. As stated earlier, you must be willing to contribute $100 to help otherís reach their financial goalsÖ But waitÖ I challenge you to allow me to help you find 10 people who are willing to support your goal of financial independence. Will you let me do that for you? Before you say yes, there is a catch.

I personally do not believe in the ideas of the welfare state. I do not like a welfare mentality. So if you think Iím going to spend my time working for you without some kind of commitment on your part delete this report now. I want to be paid for my time. Thatís right, if you want me to make you rich I want you to join 8K A Week for $32.95 and commit to helping three get three.  Now doing that will propel you toward your financial success.  You will also need to send me $22.00 for a copy of this website with your links embedded in it.  If you are not willing to do that you donít deserve to be rich.  Sorry, I didnít mean to be harsh, but we live in a real world and I have to support my family just like you do. And to prove to you I am real, Iíll send you 500 Leads when you join 8K A Week plus the site I am going to produce for you. I canít be any fairer than that, right?  Okay, I'll also send you 500 leads for each of the three people you refer to 8K A Week. So letís get start right now. Go I'm Ready

My affiliates site is: https://54627099.8kaweek.net

Name: Charles Gibson
Guest Code: 54627099
E Mail: ctgibsonsr1@yahoo.com
Telephone: 215-222-2147

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